There has been much newsprint about Lithuania’s statement that they were “completely innocent” of the Holocaust. The government floated the idea of legislating this idea:


This created a worldwide outrage. The internal response to that outrage was to claim that this was a private idea of Gumuliauskas. It was not.


In my own cases, the innocence position has been set forth twice by the Lithuanian Government.


  1. In my first lawsuit against the Government over Noreika, the Governments lawyers stated: “The Lithuanian nation has never actually perpetrated crimes against humanity. It’s a fact and no one is ever going to be able to prove what you’re trying to prove.


  1. In February 2019, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry stated their position in this interview: Their comment: “Due to declared neutrality in 1939 and three occupations (1940 – Soviet, 1941 – Nazi, 1944 – Soviet) the Lithuanian state didn‘t participate in World War II, and was just a victim.”


Now claiming that “innocence” was not a full fledged government position is dishonest.


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Russian Agent

The usual comments by members of the Lithuanian Government are that those speaking out about the honoring of Holocaust Perpetrators are:
1. Agents of the East

2. Agents of the Kremlin

3. Enemies of the State

4. Russian Agents.

These accusations are absurd and designed to dismiss. For the local population, these messages are propaganda that truth is only what they are told by their government, and anything else is a foreign plot. This obviates any investigation.
I am the one that commissioned independent research into Jonas Noreika. I am the one that sued the Lithuanian Government and filed complaints with so many other government departments. I am the one that has brought the subject of Brazaitis and Skirpa back to the attention of U.S. Congress and so many others.

The former Foreign Minister of Lithuania – Azubalis, who is a current Member of Parliament is the most prominent person shrieking these Russian allegations, so, I asked my lawyer to ensure that the matter is addressed. My letter is below.

From decades of experience, the first assertion he will make is that he never received the letter. In order to exclude that possibility, I am making it public below:




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Beverly Hills speaks on the same day as the Lithuanian Public Prosecutor

In response to this claim to the Lithuanian Public Prosecutor:
the following denial has been received

There is no purpose in seeking truth or Justice inside Lithuania. The State has formed a unified position to protect historical revisionists and to lie about their Holocaust perpetrators. This is consistent with their Courts, Ethics watchdogs, and government departments. They will not allow any review of facts within Lithuania. Further cases inside Lithuania serve only as stepping stones to reach the European Court of Human Rights.

Therefore, truth is only able to come from outside of Lithuania. In that regard, the City of Beverly Hills reviewed the following data: City-Resolution and unanimously voted for the following resolution:

Beverly Hills City Council Condemns Lithuanian Holocaust Distortion





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Genocide Center lies

Terese Birute Burauskaite blatantly lied to LRT about the results of the lower court case on Noreika. I challenged her on her lies, here are her responses.

As an employee of the Lithuanian Government and the national spokesperson on Genocide and the Holocaust, the fact that the Lithuanian Government allows this to continue says everything we need to know.

Hopefully a reader will be able to understand her explanations on why lies are not lies.

English language translation – GC_reply_LRT

PDF file in Lithuanian – GC_reply_LRT

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New Supreme Court appeal

The Genocide Center issued a new statement that Noreika was in fact a Jew rescuer. It was blatant fraud.

On January 16, 2020, I filed a request to dismiss the memo. The request was based on public criticism by Vilnius University History Professor Nerijus Sepetys  and Lithuanian History Institute CEO Alvydas Nikzentaitis. Both stated publicly that the memo is void, it does not speak about history or justice. The testimony of priest Borevicius is not trustworthy,  given that it contradicts all other facts and there is no other evidence to support this testimony by a close family friend. Arguments in the Genocide Center memo are based on suppositions and not facts, events are interpreted leading them to a desired scenario.

Our request was dismissed by LGGRTC on Feb 11, their notice indicates that all our statements are untrue, they do not mention the criticism of the above indicated gentlemen, they just say that Nikzentaitis’s field of research is not the 20 th century. (Burauskaite has stated that she is not a historian, she operates on her feelings, and Stancikas is a geologist, also not a historian). The Centre says it does not have any evidence to disbelieve the priest’s testimony. They say that this new memo is a continuation of their historical research on Noreika which is documented in previous memos. It says that Šiauliai prison chief V. Virkutis, did not present obstacles to priest V. Pozela’s efforts to supply foodstuff and letters to prisoners, therefore Borevicius statement does not oppose testimony given by V.  Pozela to KGB.

The Genocide Center then says that H. Gewecke was sentenced to 5 years and his assistant E. Bubas was released free of charges. The Centre says they have never denied the Holocaust and didn’t hear that I accuse Germany of Holocaust denial.

I filed a court request to dismiss this memo.  Denied. The Court claims argumentation  is similar to claim submitted to LGGRTC on Jan 16. The Vilnius Administrative Court has  refused to accept claim, indicating that  the memo is mere information and not an administrative act, therefore is not subject to court review. As a separate grounds, the court indicated that I do not have legal standing as the information in the memo does not influence my rights and obligations.

I have filled an appeal to Supreme administrative court, which was accepted. As President Nauseda stated many times in his campaign for the Lithuanian Presidency, the Lithuanian courts are corrupt and verdicts are for sale. I do not hold any hope that any Governmental institution or Lithuanian Court will tell the truth.

Appeal new Noreika memo

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Supreme Court dismissal

The Supreme Administrative Court dismissed the Noreika case without ruling on a single fact in the case. This is the typical strategy to bounce the case between courts hoping I will go away and never having to address the facts of the case.

Decision is below in Lithuanian.
[2020-04-01][nutartis byloje][eA-1768-624-2020]

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Koniuchowsky – The History of the Jews of Lithuania

Attached is an edited copy of Dr. Boyarin’s translation of the introduction to the Koniuchowsky Archive of testimonies from Lithuania.
Names and cities were recorded phonetically in Yiddish. These have now been corrected.

This file DOES NOT contain the testimonies, those are available here:

Koniuchowsky – Telzh

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