Genocide Center response

The Mission of the Lithuanian Genocide Center is to investigate the Nazi occupation and related crimes in Lithuania. On August 11, 2017, I inquired of the Lithuanian Genocide Center if they considered the LNP a criminal entity.

The original inquiry is here:

Ms. Burauskaite’s response is dated October 24, 2017 and attached at the bottom of this post.

She states that only Judicial institutions are able to decide on the criminal character of the LNP, and that her Department has not previously examined this question.

She indicates that the LNP was an anti-Semitic party and some of its members that served in Lithuanian Police Battalions have been found guilty of Holocaust crimes. She offers up the example of Simkus, a primary Holocaust perpetrator. This is the most basic information that could be expressed by any 3 year old, not the investigative leader of a Government agency tasked with investigating and reporting on the Lithuanian Genocide of their Jewish population.

Burauskaite then thanks me for the bibliography and states that at some point in the future, perhaps they will investigate the LNP.

This is a dismissive response that abrogates responsibility and again avoids the issues. It is standard fare from Lithuania.



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