A thorough investigation by the Ombudsman of the Lithuanian Parliament into issues raised about Lithuanian Government Department’s has now been concluded. His decision acknowledged my complaints as reasonable and he has determined that the Genocide Center (Teresa Birute Burauskaite) has violated laws and rules  in their general behavior. The decision is attached in English translation in the first link below. Beneath that is the original document in Lithuanian.

Ombudsman of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

4D-2017-1-1558-3D-317, 2018-02-02



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3 responses to “VALIDATION!

  1. Liz Goldin

    Admirable work , Grant – much appreciated & valued .
    Warm regards ,

    • Words cannot begin to describe the importance of this amazing accomplishment and airing of never before seen accounts of the horrors those poor innocent people had to endure.

  2. An absolutely stunning piece of work, with such incredible meaning and hitorical significance, especially for South African Jews, the vast majority of whom can trace their roots to Lithuania.
    This in many ways, while bringing alive long forgotten, if ever known, memories and the inhumane horrors suffered by jews in Lithuania, at the same time, allows the descendants of those that perished, to make a painful but so important connection to that world, none of us knew nor could begin to imagine.
    Thanks for this truly inspiring and important bridge to the past.

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