I am a diplomat, author, and civic activist. I draw on my experience and life story to inspire people to overcome adversity and rise to any challenge. Having been raised with stories of Lithuania, or the “Old Country”, I wanted to reclaim my heritage. Posts on this site relate to my family history and personal experiences with Lithuania.

For more information about me, see my Facebook page.

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  1. HannoPlass

    Dear Mr Gochin,

    I came across you website writing about the “Legendary Heroes of Africa” stamp set, which was the starting point for researching into the issue of Jewish South African fighting apartheid and their exile experiences. Right now I am trying to gather some information concerning your aunt and uncle, Esther and Hymie Barsel, which were honoured with the wonderful stamp set. But unfortunately I don’t find any more details about their life that tell me more than their commitment to Communism and their activities and life until the release of Esther in the early 1970s. What did they do then, when their daughter Sunny left South Africa in 1976? Did Esther and Hymie had to stay behind, banned and without a passport?

    I also found the wikipedia articles you wrote, which are outstanding and very detailed, but unfortunately no source an historian can rely on in his PhD (as I have to). Would you mind confirming me that the information provided at wikipedia is correct? And as I said, I were quite interested in the further life of Esther and Hymie.

    To add some details about myself: I am a historian, living in Hamburg, Germany, affiliated with the Center for Research into Antisemitism at the Technische Universitaet Berlin. I am currently working on my PhD about Jewish South African activists who joined the struggle against apartheid, their Jewish experience/consciousness and their exile experiences. I recently wrote about Ruth First (in German: https://www.iz3w.org/zeitschrift/ausgaben/332_Stadt/Plass).
    The article in the Jewish Journal from April 11, 2011 I found online. So using this as a base I found you website with the help of the internet.

    Hanno Plass

  2. MB

    Dear Grant-Thank you so much for the copy of your newest book~
    Fondly, Mark and Marlene

  3. Semyon

    Dear Grant, thanks for your book about “One Mab`s Quest for the Truth”. We all need in real and full truth on our past and the present. Semyon (Melitopol, Ukraine)

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