Exonerating Skirpa

Attached (link at bottom) is a letter from the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LGGRTC), who is the Government’s mouthpiece on the Holocaust. The letter (had it to be coherent) is almost self-explanatory, the implications are extraordinary.


If all war criminals that were not put on trial and convicted are innocent, then the Genocide Center is issuing a statement that Adolph Hitler is innocent of crimes against Lithuania and against Jews, as he was not put on trial and he was not convicted. Therefore, under the Constitutional provisions of presumption of innocence, he is absolutely innocent of crimes.


This letter confirms that foreign investigations are acceptable in Lithuania with no further examination, this standard alone is enough to declare Stalin and Hitler innocent.


Brazaitis was not “exonerated” and USA Congress does not investigate dead people, and so the investigation was stopped. The evidence was only found later. Therefore, by this standard contained in the Lithuanian governments letter, the Soviet authorities declared Stalin a hero, and any evidence of his crimes that were discovered after such declaration have no relevance – therefore, Lithuania recognizes Stalin’s hero stance. The fact that he was not convicted means permanent innocence. Lithuania has just re-written her own history through this letter from the Lithuanian Government.


The Genocide Center says we should obtain copies of evidence from the 40 institutions. However, when they previously suggested we do our own research on Noreika, they then said they reject it because they do not accept our researchers. The goalposts keep shifting according to the evidence provided.


They do not find trustworthy evidence that Skirpa was guilty, and they extrapolate that from Brazaitis being “exonerated”. So, by that standard, every single Soviet that was not put on trial and convicted is innocent. The Center issued lists of Lithuanians that collaborated with the Soviets; did they use that same legal standard with the names they published? Should we suggest to each family that those people on the list file a legal action against the Lithuanian Government and that the same standard of proof be used? Burauskaite opens massive litigation possibilities against the Lithuanian State via her statements that carry the official imprimatur of the Lithuanian Government.


Burauskaite also makes the mistake of stating that USA Immigration and Naturalization Service is part of the legislative branch. It is not and it does not answer to Congress – only the Executive Branch. Congress can’t “instruct” INS to perform any specific investigation. Burauskaite also ignores the FBI report that ties Skirpa was linked to Von Ribbentrop and Rosenberg, two of the worst Nazi’s that were executed at Nuremberg. Only convenient data is considered. By using the standard of accepting any convenient foreign government report as conclusive evidence, the Lithuanian Government has negated many of their own judicial decisions. Again, this offers any person negatively impacted by any foreign court decision the opportunity to re-litigate their cases in Lithuanian courts.


Using the Lithuanian Governments standards as indicated in this communication, almost every human rights perpetrator in history is innocent, including Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Or, do the Genocide Centers standards only apply to Lithuanians that were perpetrators against Jews?

Skirpa exoneration – GC



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Lithuanian Government’s Defense

For those that have asked for details of the Government’s defense of Noreika, here it is, first in English translation, and then in the original Lithuanian.
The Court has now confirmed we are moving forward to oral arguments.

LT Govt Defense


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Going to Court

The Lithuanian Government will be going to Court to defend Noreika.

[2018-10-17][nutartis byloje][eI-4215-281-2018]


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Complaint to Ombudsman 9-28-18


Letter to Ombudsman 9-28-18


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Genocide Center – Noreika response 7-18-18

Attached is the Genocide Center’s response on Noreika dated 7-18-18.

The first pages is their response in Lithuanian, following is the translation into English.

I will update this post with my personal comments later next week.



Genocide Center – Noreika response 7-18-18



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Criminal Holocaust Denial

I recently filed an appeal with the Lithuanian Public Prosecutor to investigate Burauskaite for criminal Holocaust denial. The appeal is in both English and in Lithuanian in the attachment listed “Burauskaite – public prosecutor”.

The Prosecutor declined, that declination is also attached. His main arguments are: “after analyzing delivered material it can be seen, that the question which is raised by applicant is a multifaceted and multidimensional phenomenon, it is very complicated and possibly unilateral historical generalizations does not match reality. Besides applicants’ and GC’s historians have different positions on some of the circumstances. During examination of statement to start criminal procedure it haven’t been detected, that GC would deny acts of aggression of Nazi Germany towards Republic of Lithuania or it’s citizens.”



Burauskaite- public prosecutor


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Kazys Palčiauskas

There have been a number of recent articles in Lithuanian press about how wonderful were the ethnic Lithuanians that came to USA after the war. Especially galling are the syrupy narratives supplied by Sandy Baksys here:


What Ms. Baksys fails to mention is that while many ethnic Lithuanians were in fact victims, and many were in DP camps, many among them were also Jew murderers and facilitators of persecution of Lithuanian Jews.

Many in the “greatest generation” that she identifies knew who the perpetrators were, but they chose to protect murderers from justice.

The USA Government tried to return some of her “greatest generation” back to Lithuania, however Lithuania refused most. Of those that the USA Government did manage to return to Lithuania, that government did not punish a single one. In fact, since Lithuania regained independence, not one single Jew murderer has been punished by the Lithuanian Government.

Such were the values of many of Baksys’s “Greatest generation” of Lithuanians.

For anyone that wishes to educate themselves, here is a file on Kazys Palčiauskas:



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